• Easy to get started

    It only requires simple configuration and some markdown knowledge to get started quickly, users who are familiar with Vuepress are more comfortable to use

  • From markdown to antd

    Supports rendering to common Ant design components using the markdown syntax, such as Alert

  • Powerful

    Support mdx to support custom layout (eg custom site header, bottom, homepage, etc.)

Get Started


Install @rcpress/cli via yarn

yarn global add @rcpress/cli

Or install via npm

npm install @rcpress/cli -g


Create diretory and markdown file

# create docs diretory(docs is the default documentation directory).
mkdir docs

# create a markdown file
echo '# Hello RcPress' > docs/README.md

Run server

# start spa mode server
rcpress dev
# start ssr mode server
rcpress server

# Visit the default address `localhost:3000` to see the effect page


# build spa in production
rcpress build
# build ssr and generate static html files in production
rcpress generate